Fall Roofing Tips for Buffalo NY

Buffalo NY is infamous for its brutal winters. A quick check of your roof is in order. Here are a few steps to take to insure this winter doesn’t play havoc with you roof and home.

  • At ground level see if you notice any shingles that aren’t lying flush or you might see some shingles missing. Now is the time to take action, don’t wait or procrastinate. This type of work is best done while you have some warm days left.
  • Because Buffalo is noted for heavy snowfalls, trees become a cause for concern. Heavy with the weight of snow and ice on their limbs they can sometimes break or lay on roofs to cause damage.
  • Clogged gutters are ineffective handling ice and snow melt. Gutters should be cleaned both spring and fall. If you are uneasy on a ladder, hire it out.
  • If you have had problems with ice damming in the past, get a professional to give you the best course of action to solve it. Ice damming causes leaks and if severe reduces the life span of roofing materials. It is a very difficult to repair in the dead of winter.
  • Don’t know a thing about roofs- Get it inspected.

Buffalo has a multitude of roofing specialists; use the BBB to your advantage at the Buffalo BBB website to get a list of recommended roofing contractors.

Another good source that has incorporated BBB listings into their yellow pages is the buffalo yellow pages at yellowpagecity.