In the market for a new roof: roofing contractor checklist

Your roof is a key contributor to your home’s efficiency; without it, it’s practically impossible to live conveniently or with stability. You can read articles and books about how to clean these particles or those pieces of debris off your roof, but not all pileups are the same.

A roofing contractor will provide personal service for the most insightful care. To ensure a certain contractor will satisfy you, here a few things to look for:

  • Insurance:

Whenever someone’s working with heavy duty equipment or at a high angle, there’s some risk of damage or injury involved. Life is generally full of such risks, which is why there’s insurance.

When considering a contractor, ask them to show you a formal document confirming they’re insured, so you can trust a disastrous mistake won’t make the service cost twice as much or more.

  • Credentials:

On the show To Tell the Truth, a group of people insist a particular similar aspect is true about them all, when in reality it’s only true about one of them. Panelists ask questions to determine their knowledge about the topic, and about their past relevant experiences.

This is based on the idea that a mere statement doesn’t prove a fact. For example, to legally drive, you must take some written and on-the-road tests to make clear your awareness of the rules. Some states have similar requirements for people to do contracting work.

  • Answerability:

It’s said that our responses to our circumstances account for 90% of the quality of our lives. We all make mistakes now and then, but we can usually try to fix the resulting damage. Anyone who completely denies they’ve ever done any wrong probably won’t care if their mistake hurts someone else.

They will most likely just run away from accountability. Ask whether the contractor has had any disciplinary action taken against them. If there are any applicable examples, ask why.