Storm Inspections

Like they say, appearances can be deceiving; even the smallest and least visible things in nature can damage your home if they come in abundance. Light winds may not tear off your roof but if they come frequently enough, they might curl up your shingles, exposing more surface layers, inevitably leading to increased wear and […]

How to prevent ice dams

Just as warm sunlight can quickly turn a block of ice cream into a puddle, a toasty attic can make a mound of snow on a roof gush like a waterfall. Similarly, as Niagara Falls can freeze given enough cold air, water freshly fallen over a roof’s edge can turn solid adding large amounts of […]

Contractor tips for winterizing your roof

Obviously, different seasons have different impacts on environments and the inhabitants living within them. That’s why we wear shorter clothes in the spring and summer, why we find ourselves raking and shoveling the ground during fall and winter, and so on. When it comes to enduring the effects of the harsher seasons, little gets hit […]

In the market for a new roof: roofing contractor checklist

Your roof is a key contributor to your home’s efficiency; without it, it’s practically impossible to live conveniently or with stability. You can read articles and books about how to clean these particles or those pieces of debris off your roof, but not all pileups are the same. A roofing contractor will provide personal service […]

Roofing estimates and inspections

Sitting high up in the open air, a rooftop is practically always at risk of damage. Wind, water, dust, pollen, snow, sun, moisture…it can all add up quickly. Paint and rock can peel off, holes can be “punched” in, and pieces can become dry and curl up. Albany NY has many roofing contractors with lots […]

Winterizing Your Roof

Remember that Buffalo NY lake-effect blizzard in 2014? It was quite a mess. For that moment, the whole town of Buffalo pretty much stopped working; the traffic on the interstate was still as a statue. People couldn’t get outdoors for a long time. This isn’t a normal situation for the city, but there’s always some […]

Green Roofs in Buffalo

With environmental awareness coming to a head, green roofs are becoming more popular by the year. Also known as ‘rooftop gardens,’ green roofs consist of a layer of vegetation that grows on a rooftop. There are many advantages of green roofs, which is why there has been more and more popping up throughout the country. […]

Fall Roofing Tips for Buffalo NY

Buffalo NY is infamous for its brutal winters. A quick check of your roof is in order. Here are a few steps to take to insure this winter doesn’t play havoc with you roof and home. At ground level see if you notice any shingles that aren’t lying flush or you might see some shingles […]

Buffalo Roofing-Storm Inspections

With summer weather winding down and another Buffalo, NY winter around the corner, it’s important to know what to expect for your roof in case of severe weather. In order to prevent your roof from becoming a casualty to snow and high winds, you must comprise a proactive roof maintenance program. This includes examining a […]

Buffalo Roofing Disaster-Steps to Take

The days and weeks following a natural disaster can be very trying, both emotionally and financially. If a storm hits Buffalo, who will you turn to for roof repair? Whether your roof needs to be replaced or just needs repairs due to a natural disaster or the wear and tear that happens with time, you […]