Storm Inspections

Like they say, appearances can be deceiving; even the smallest and least visible things in nature can damage your home if they come in abundance. Light winds may not tear off your roof but if they come frequently enough, they might curl up your shingles, exposing more surface layers, inevitably leading to increased wear and tear.

A professional storm inspector knows the DNA of every roof forward and backward, right down to the smallest nail. So leave it up to them to climb up and scan your housetop from every angle.

These professionals save you the trouble of risking adding more damage, which you’d be doing if you went up there yourself, because you may not clearly see everything that’s wrong. An inspector can detect signs of problems before even getting up close to them, so they can think ahead just how to navigate.

Essentially, they have “medical camera vision”, having studied the science of how roofs are made and how things affect them.

Keep in mind, these people are inspectors, not contractors; they haven’t been trained to work on a house with the tools it takes to build a quality roof. These people simply see things and then report them back to you. If any repair is necessary, trust it to a roofing contractor. Insurance companies tend to insist that if an issue is easy enough to see, a client doesn’t need money for the repairs.