Winterizing Your Roof

Remember that Buffalo NY lake-effect blizzard in 2014? It was quite a mess. For that moment, the whole town of Buffalo pretty much stopped working; the traffic on the interstate was still as a statue. People couldn’t get outdoors for a long time. This isn’t a normal situation for the city, but there’s always some risk of it coming, since the town is by the side of Lake Erie. Cold air can travel clear across warm lake water, quickly freezing and building up on dry surfaces. Once it gets there, it can take forever to unthaw.

Most roofs don’t handle a lot of violence very well, quickly cracking or even crumbling when exposed to heavy winds and heavy coats of snow. Buffalo NY roofing contractors are all too familiar with this conundrum. Ice and snow often collect rapidly in rain gutters, giving liquid water practically nowhere to go but onto the roof, where it can soften the surface to a point where it can’t hold up the lightest of weight. Consider calling up a roofing contractor; not only do these professionals do a great job of removing harsh clutter from the top of your house, but they also offer special protective coatings—sheets, chemical products, etc.—according to the unique nature of your rooftop.